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8 years ago, Priyanka decided to pursue her love for capturing timeless moments through a summer course in digital photography, against the golden sands of California. What she didn't know then, is how her life was about to change completely. She has, since then, left the world of engineering to fuel her passion as a professional photographer based in Ahmedabad, India. An expert at capturing the clamor and glamour of Indian weddings, her photography has also taken her across landscapes in search of beauty not just in people, but also in moments, buildings, and landscapes. Priyanka's aesthetic is best described as documentary with a splash of lifestyle and minimalism. She wishes to tell a story with each photo, whether it is about people, places, or abstract moods. She takes every opportunity to travel across the globe and record her travel experiences through a photo journey.


In February 2021, Priyanka stepped into the world of NFTs and minted her first NFT on Zora. NFTs gave her the freedom to share her creativity on a global level. She strives to find a sense of peace and calm through photography and wishes that it is conveyed to those who view her work. She shares her personal stories through her travel photography. 

Help-Portrait Ahmedabad

Having captured magical moments as a wedding photographer for over 5 years, she also believes in doing good through photography, having given over 600 free portraits to lower-income families, as part of the Help-Portrait Ahmedabad initiative. With each photograph, Priyanka hopes to inspire, make someone happy and bring a small piece of her creative soul to life.

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