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“I’m glad that photography happened to me by chance. Because it stayed with me, by choice. To me, it is the most beautiful form of expression".

- Priyanka Patel

An Environmental & Chemical engineer with a penchant for photography, Priyanka is a wedding & lifestyle photographer based in Ahmedabad, India, whose camera takes her to any corner of the world. Music junkie, fussy eater & a fussier photographer – she will stop at nothing to give you the best possible pictures. A romantic at heart (though you’ll never catch her admitting it), Priyanka loves the glamour, clamour & beauty of Weddings. She also believes in some magic – and tries to create it with her lenses. 

Having captured magical moments as a wedding photographer for over 4 years, she also believes in doing good through photography, having given over 600 free portraits as part of the Help-Portrait Ahmedabad initiative.

For photos that will show you at your beautiful best, give her a shout out. She may just come running. With her shiny black toy, of course. And all the frills that go with it.

Currently booking lifestyle photoshoots and weddings across India, USA & Canada for 2021.

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