Blue GM

India, 2022

blues, but the good kind

Meme: 4

Season: 1

Card: 3

Edition of 399

Sold out

Remind Me To Forget

India, 2021

This piece is inspired by Carlotta's backstory. Carlotta was able to get out of an abusive relationship, but she left with a lot more than just a scar across her left eye. The scar reminds her every day to forget the life she’d dreamt of with her ex, heal and move on. Your kiss like broken glass on my skin You left your mark, reminding me to forget.

Model: Pooja Chaudhary

Make-Up & Hair: Noopur Chokshi

Sold for 0.5 $ETH

Untitled photo

CARLOTTA - WoW #2772

India, 2021

Photoshoots in Ibiza by day and catwalks in Milan by night; on the surface it appears Carlotta is living the dream, but in reality, a rigid demeanor masks the nightmare she is truly enduring. You see, Carlotta has always explained her signature facial scar as the result of a tree-trimming accident, but there was nothing accidental about the treacherous night that would forever change her life as she once knew it.

Carlotta had what appeared to be the storybook romance. Her, a successful model, and her boyfriend the rising actor; from the outside, they looked to be the perfect pair. Carlotta, the hopeless romantic, ignored all the red flags and continued to push aside the gnawing doubts she had growing deep inside. Until one night, after an evening of glitz and glam at the Met Gala, tensions rose.

Model: Pooja Chaudhary

Make-Up & Hair: Noopur Chokshi

Sold for 1.5 $ETH

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